Kuhstall 070807, Living Room, Köln 2007
  The camera observes a man stairs climbing. In the installation, these observations are cut into three samples, moved and composed in real-time. Each video-sample is repeatedly visible and stretch on the reconstructed path of the camera. The trembling, searching and finding of the hand camera determine the characteristic style of the path which construct the composition of the picture. Detailed and focused drawings are evoked by the moving images. Depending on their original sounds the trail of the camera is modulated. The frequency analysis of the sound and the characteristic style of the camera are interrelated with each other and form a composition which endlessly reorganizes itself and in which the pictures reveal new perspectives because of the different relations to each other. 
The video-organism has been programmed with the Pure-Data/GEM software and is generated live on a computer. All the relationships in which the basic materials (video and tracking data samples) process form a nonlinear time continuum, which fits in the presentation as a linear experience, like the spatial structure in a virtual two-dimensional projection.